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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Beneficiary Designations: An Important Part of Your Estate Plan

Updating your beneficiary designations is just as important as creating an estate plan. Too often we find that beneficiary designations are either out of date or missing completely which can cause disastrous problems.

Six Estate Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Contrary to popular belief, estate planning is not just for the wealthy elite. Most of us have something of value like a car, a home or money in the bank and would benefit from having an estate plan put in place. Not only can an estate plan help to maximize the value of what you will pass on to your heirs and beneficiaries, but it also allows you to make informed decisions about what happens to your assets while you are still alive.

Bed Sores: A Possible Sign of Nursing Home Neglect

When you entrust the well-being of your loved one to a nursing home, you expect a high standard of care and attention. One sign that your loved one may be neglected is the presence of bed sores (also known as pressure sores and pressure ulcers) on their body. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention […]