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3 Ways to Make the Role of Executor Easier

If you have been named as the executor of your loved one’s estate, you will likely be faced with challenges.  Managing the affairs of a recently deceased loved one can be overwhelming.  Here are a few things you can do to make your job a little easier so you can perform your role as executor effectively.

Plan Ahead

If you know ahead of time that you are going to be serving as the executor of someone’s estate, it is in your best interest to familiarize yourself with his or her wishes before they pass away.  Make time to talk with your loved one and ask any questions you might have.  Get clarification about any assets that have the potential to be controversial in the will.  This will put you in a position to answer questions from others if they arise.

“I was glad that I had the chance to ask mom about her will before she passed,” said John who was named executor of his mother’s will several years before she passed away.  “I was able to ask her questions about why she wanted things done a certain way.  It was a difficult conversation to start but it was helpful to understand her thought process especially when my sisters wanted clarification after mom’s death.”

Get Organized

As an executor, you are given considerable responsibility and authority so it’s important to stay organized and to take your role seriously.  If you are disorganized, you can make mistakes or oversights that have costly consequences for the decedent’s loved ones.  As executor you will likely have a wide range of responsibilities that will require you to track many details and multiple contacts.  Keep your records in order so that you can perform your job effectively.

“I kept all my notes and Evelyn’s records really organized right from the start,” says Claire, who took on the role of executor for her aunt’s estate.  “I formatted a contact list and all the financial and legal account information into a spreadsheet and made sure to file all paperwork in a way that allowed me to find information easily.  It gave me peace of mind knowing that all the documents I needed were easily accessible and organized.”

Ask for Help

The role of executor is not something most people are familiar with unless they are legal or financial professionals.  Even then, there are details associated with estate administration that can be complicated or confusing.  If you have been asked to take on the role of executor, don’t hesitate to ask for help.  If you have questions or concerns about serving as executor, you can discuss your situation with a trusted estate planning attorney in Pittsburgh.

“I was a bit overwhelmed at first,” confessed Jessica, executor of her father’s estate, “I was really relieved to know that I could ask the experts whenever I was unsure about what to do next.  The estate planning attorneys made everything easier to navigate.”

Our experienced estate planning attorneys at Fingeret Law can provide you with the direction you need to fulfill your duties as executor.  We will ensure your loved one’s affairs are handled appropriately.  Contact us today to learn more.