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Recognizing and Preventing Financial Elder Abuse

Financial abuse has become the most common form of elder abuse.  While it can occur at any time, financial abuse will often start after the death of a spouse or during a health crisis.  Individuals who are lonely, alone or in poor health are the most vulnerable. It can be difficult to identify or recognize […]

Nursing Home Resident Rights

Evaluating and Selecting a Nursing Home There is no task more difficult than finding a nursing home for a spouse or parent.  Few people want to live in a nursing home but these institutions serve as a last resort when it becomes impossible to provide the necessary care at home.  When selecting a nursing home […]

Aging with Alzheimer’s: Protecting Your Finances

One in eight American families will be affected by Alzheimer’s disease.  As this disease progresses, it takes a toll on everyone involved and can fuel a lot of anxiety about the future.  If you have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, it is important to understand that you are at a greater risk of becoming a target […]

Elder Abuse: Financial Scams

Financial exploitation of the elderly has emerged as a common and difficult issue because seniors are more vulnerable due to medical needs, diminished mental capacity and often times they have more financial resources to exploit.

Is Your Loved One Being Verbally Abused In a Nursing Home?

If you have suspicions that your elderly loved one is the victim of verbal abuse in a nursing home, you can take legal action to have the nursing home brought to justice for failing to provide reasonable and adequate care for your loved one.

What to Do if You Suspect Your Elderly Loved One is the Victim of Nursing Home Neglect or Abuse

4 things you can do if you suspect your elderly loved one is being abused or neglected in a nursing home or in-home care situation.