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Choosing a Caregiver: Gordon and Carol’s Story

Do you have an elderly parent or loved one that needs a caregiver but isn’t receptive to the idea?  These discussions are seldom easy and the course of action isn’t always clear.  Enlisting the help of a caregiver for your loved one as he or she ages is a responsible decision but it can be a difficult situation to navigate.  Read on to learn more about determining the needs of your loved one and how to find a suitable caregiver.


Gordon and Carol

Gordon’s mother Carol had been a strongly independent woman as far back as he could remember.  However, around the time of her 71st birthday, Gordon noticed that Carol was starting to have difficulties managing day-to-day activities on her own.  He knew that she was struggling to prepare meals and worried that she was also missing important medical appointments or forgetting to take her medication.  Gordon knew that something had to change if his mother’s quality of life was to remain intact.

Gordon suggested to his mother that they enlist the help of a caregiver.  Initially, Carol was very resistant to the idea; she was worried about losing her independence.  However, over a short time with open and honest dialogue, Carol and Gordon were able to find a solution that worked for both of them.  They agreed that enlisting the help of a part-time caregiver who could help prepare some meals, offer transportation to appointments and provide regular check-ins would be a solution that worked for both of them.


Determining the Needs of Your Loved One

Have you found yourself in a similar situation to that of Gordon?  The best way to determine the needs of your loved one, is to have an open dialogue about what is most important to both of you.  Discuss full-time versus part-time, what daily activities need to be supported and what kind of assistance is needed.

Once needs have been determined, interview applicants with special consideration to their previous employment experience as well as their physical ability to provide care for your loved one.  Most importantly, ensure that your loved one approves of and trusts the person you chose as caregiver.


We are Here to Help

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