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Is Your Loved One Being Verbally Abused In a Nursing Home?

When the difficult decision is made to put your elderly loved one into a nursing home, it is done with expressed assurance that he or she is going to receive compassionate and professional care.  Unfortunately, some nursing homes fail to adequately screen the individuals they hire as nurses or caretakers and consequently, employees with bad judgement may find themselves in a position to take advantage of an elderly patient.  This can take the form of emotional abuse where a frail and sometimes mentally incapacitated elderly patient is subject to verbal abuse by the staff of a nursing home. 

If you have suspicions that your elderly loved one is the victim of verbal abuse in a nursing home, you can take legal action to have the nursing home brought to justice for failing to provide reasonable and adequate care for your loved one.

Defining Verbal Abuse

Verbal abuse is psychological or emotional abuse inflicted on an individual who is incapable of defending themselves.  Elderly victims of verbal abuse may not comprehend the magnitude of the situation they find themselves in.  This type of abuse includes threats, intimidation, derogatory name-calling and constant belittling.  Threats can take a variety of forms including telling the patient that they are going to be physically harmed if their behavior doesn’t change or suggesting that the patient’s family doesn’t care about them.

Often in cases of verbal abuse, it occurs alongside other forms of abuse like neglect and physical abuse.  For this reason, the verbal abuse of a patient in a nursing home is difficult to detect.  Unfortunately this is the main reason why verbal abuse claims by elderly nursing home patients are often dismissed.

Verbal Abuse Warning Signs

Signs of verbal abuse are frequently dismissed as lacking in evidence and blamed on the mental or physical state of the elderly person in question. 

The warning signs of verbal abuse can include:

  • unusual withdrawal
  • depression
  • sudden changes in personality
  • regressive behavior
  • problems with medications
  • recurring illness
  • abrupt weight loss

Seniors tend to suffer without asking for help because they are ashamed of their vulnerability and incapacitated state.  Therefore, it is up to an elderly person’s family and loved ones to be alert and ready to identify possible signs of verbal abuse.

Do You Suspect Verbal Abuse Is Taking Place?

If you think that your elderly loved one is being subjected to verbal abuse in a nursing home, seek professional help right away.  Contact an experienced elder abuse attorney to pursue a case of verbal abuse.  Our elder abuse attorneys at Fingeret Law can assist you with, not only exposing the facility, but also ensuring that you receive the monetary compensation owed to you and your loved one.  Protect your loved one by immediately removing them from an abusive situation and make sure that they receive the proper medical care they need.

Our nursing home attorneys can provide the guidance and assistance needed in verbal abuse cases involving nursing homes.

To find out how a nursing home abuse attorney in Pittsburgh can help your loved one, please call Fingeret Law at 412.281.8222 or contact us online.




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