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What to Do if You Suspect Your Elderly Loved One is the Victim of Nursing Home Neglect or Abuse

An elderly person’s final years are supposed to be a quiet time of reflection but unfortunately that’s not always the case.  Although many nursing homes provide excellent care, in some circumstances, senior citizens are being treated poorly or even abused while living in a nursing home or while receiving home-care.

Have you placed your elderly family member into a nursing home facility or home-care situation and suspect neglect or abuse is taking place? 

What You Can Do:

Here are four things you can do if you suspect your elderly loved one is being abused or neglected in a nursing home or in-home care situation:

  1. Be aware of the different forms of elder abuse and document any signs that become apparent.  Signs of abuse and neglect can include weight loss, depression, bed sores, dehydration, poor hygiene and injuries like bruises, scratches or fractures.  If you notice any of these symptoms occurring in your loved one, write down the details and when signs are visible, take photos.  Gathering evidence is important; if you decide you want to take legal action in the future, you can strengthen your case with this detailed documentation.
  1. Find an alternative care option for your elderly loved one.  If you suspect that your loved one is being abused or neglected, remove him or her from the situation.  Whether you decide to move your loved into a different facility or arrange to have in-home care provided, continue to monitor the situation to ensure quality of care and that his or her safety is intact.
  1. Contact an elder law attorney in Pittsburgh to help you review your case and advise you on your legal options.  You may be eligible to file a legal claim and seek compensation which will provide comfort and security to your loved one after being in such a distressing situation.
  1. Be supportive and continue to provide care to your elderly loved one.  Victims of elder abuse and neglect can struggle emotionally to overcome their experiences and physical injuries take longer to heal in elderly patients.  Ensure that your loved one has access to counseling, support systems and proper medical care to recover as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, nursing home abuse and neglect does occur and families can struggle to cope with the very real concerns that arise when an elderly loved one is victimized.  There is help available: by taking action, you may prevent others from suffering too.

If your loved one is suffering from elder abuse or neglect, we want to help.

Fingeret elder law attorneys can provide you with clear and compassionate advice on elder abuse claims and compensation.  Whatever your circumstances, we will connect you with the resources you need to help your elderly loved one recover from a traumatic experience and work to get full compensation for the costs associated with illness and injury cause by elder abuse or neglect.

To discuss your specific needs and to find out how our attorneys can help you, please call us at Fingeret Law at 412.281.8222 or contact us online.

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