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Discussing the Future with your Loved Ones

Estate planning can be a very private and personal matter and as a result, many family members are not made aware of the personal wishes of their loved ones until it is too late to plan. Often times, grandparents and parents are averse to discussing such issues which leaves children and grandchildren unaware of pertinent details.

The Importance of Estate Planning

Several posts ago, the two approaches to elder law were introduced: the proactive and the reactive approach. As I mentioned, the proactive is less costly and more time efficient, and avoids potential legal difficulties in the future. This approach includes the preparation of several important legal documents. Recently, I have spent time explaining powers of […]

When Does a Power of Attorney Become Effective and When Does it Terminate?

In recent posts, considerable time has been spent discussing the importance of a power of attorney. At this point, many of you might be asking several questions. When does a power of attorney become effective? When does it terminate? Can the principal modify the power of attorney? The important matter to keep in mind here […]

Selecting an Agent Under a Financial Power of Attorney

In the last post, the importance and nature of the power of attorney was highlighted. The principal gives the legal authority to the agent to make decisions on his or her behalf. This post focuses on selecting the agent. Make no mistake about it; selecting an agent is a very serious matter. After all, you […]

Types of Powers of Attorney

In the previous posts, the different approaches to elder law were discussed. The most advantageous approach, the proactive approach, includes the preparation of several important documents. Foremost, among those documents, are Powers of Attorney. In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the law provides for two types of powers of attorney: Financial Powers of Attorney; and Health […]

The Different Approaches to Elder Law Issues: Proactive v. Reactive

As discussed in an earlier post, more and more families are facing difficult legal and financial issues affecting their aging family members. Fortunately, elder law attorneys have focused their legal practice to specifically serve seniors and their families facing these challenges. Typically, there are two ways to approach the legal hurdles of seniors today. The […]

What is an Elder Law Attorney

With the increase in life expectancy and breakthrough advances in technology and medicine, people are confronting difficult legal and financial challenges in securing long-term care, protecting their assets, and making life altering healthcare decisions. All too often, these legal obstacles leave people feeling overwhelmed and helpless. As the regulations surrounding the growing population continue to […]

Helping Protect Your Financial Future

You do not need to amass vast wealth before you start to protect the money and property you’ve worked so hard to accrue. You want to ensure you and your heirs have a comprehensive estate plan in place to guard your assets from undue taxation and probate issues — and address your health care needs […]

Suspecting Nursing Home Abuse

One of the most difficult decisions you can make is determining the need to trust others for the care of the loved ones who dedicated their lives to you. However, unless you can provide the 24-hour attention required to ensure the health and safety of an aging family member, you may need to rely on […]

Preparing You and Your Loved Ones for Future Emergencies

Your parents and other loved ones dedicated their lives to providing the care you needed to become a responsible adult. However, as they age, medical and mental infirmities can reverse your roles as they begin to count on you for help. Their needs may increase over time, or a sudden accidental injury or medical emergency […]