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Preparing You and Your Loved Ones for Future Emergencies

Your parents and other loved ones dedicated their lives to providing the care you needed to become a responsible adult. However, as they age, medical and mental infirmities can reverse your roles as they begin to count on you for help. Their needs may increase over time, or a sudden accidental injury or medical emergency may require your quick response. A crisis plan can have a profound effect on their golden years.

Types of crisis planning

The goal of crisis planning is to anticipate areas in which emergencies can arise and address them before they happen. An effective Pittsburgh elder law attorney gets to know the specific issues in your family to develop a plan that includes the following:

  • Long-term care planning.  A long-term care insurance policy can help your elders protect their assets when they need daily assistance in their homes, or in a nursing home or assisted living facility. An attorney can help you or your loved one choose the most appropriate type of coverage with a reputable private insurer.
  • Medicaid eligibility and planning.  The medical assistance program offered by the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare offers benefits based on financial need and health status. Your attorney can help provide valuable guidance in helping your loved ones qualify for Medicaid.
  • Guardianships. An experienced elder law attorney helps ensure your elderly loved one has provisions in place for a trusted individual to make vital decisions in the event he or she loses mental or physical capacity.
  • Nursing home selection. Whether your loved one receives care in the home, or chooses a residential facility for daily care, an attorney with experience in elder law can help you find high quality and attentive care.

Effective planning occurs early in life

Perhaps the most important way to prepare for the concerns of the elderly involves developing a holistic plan early in life. This is why some elder law lawyers also focus on estate planning. Even as you help your elderly loved ones address their immediate needs, it makes sense to protect your assets now for a successful future retirement that reduces the responsibilities placed on your own children.

Seek skilled legal support to protect your elderly loved ones

The elder law attorneys at Fingeret Law have more than 40 years of experience helping the greater Pittsburgh community in the practice areas of elder law, medical assistance planning, insurance law, estates, trusts, guardianships and estate planning. To discuss your specific needs and to find out how we can help you, contact us today. We travel to clients.

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