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Avoiding Family Conflicts

Estate litigation is a lengthy process.  On average, a lawsuit will take 2 or 3 years to resolve.  Due to the lengthy timeline of the estate litigation process, it can be helpful to be aware of the following in order to avoid potential future conflicts. Create An Estate Plan Uncertainty and conflict are bound to […]

Avoiding a Will Contest

A primary goal of estate planning is to protect against the possibility of disagreements among your heirs after you pass away.  However, will contests are becoming increasingly common. There are many reasons why disagreements can occur over the distribution of your estate.  For example, perhaps you allocated a larger inheritance to one of your children […]

Save Time and Money: Steps to Help You Avoid Probate

Effective estate planning will ensure the speedy transfer of your assets to your heirs in accordance to your wishes.  Now is the time to determine what you would like to happen to your property when you pass away so that you can save your heirs a significant amount of time and money. What is Probate? […]

What Is the Probate Process?

It is an honor and privilege to be selected to administer a loved one’s personal and financial affairs after he or she passes away but when the time actually comes to administer the decedent’s estate, it can be a daunting task. Have you found yourself serving as the executor of someone’s estate?  Are you unsure […]

Revocable Trusts

The probate process can be long and costly, but is there a way it can be avoided? Revocable living trusts are often touted as a convenient way to avoid probate.  The following are some basics about what they are and how they work: What is a revocable trust? A trust is a legal entity through […]