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Estate Planning for New Parents

For many families, estate planning is one of the most overdue items on the to-do list.  This is not surprising; none of us like to think about the types of situations that would require the use of estate planning documents.  However, if you have recently welcomed a new baby into your family and haven’t yet […]

Estate Planning for Single Moms

There is no type of person or family situation that can justify not having an estate plan.  Every adult should at least have a will and a power of attorney.  However, there are some classifications of people who are in urgent need of creating an estate plan if they haven’t already done so.  This segment […]

Estate Planning for New Parents

As a new parent, tackling your estate planning sooner rather than later will undeniably provide you with a huge sense of relief. Enlisting the help of a trusted and experienced estate planning attorney will make the process easier and faster, giving you more time to enjoy being a parent and to spend time with the new addition to your family.