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Comprehensive Estate Planning

Traditional estate planning focuses on what happens to our assets after we pass away.  It is a way to ensure that our belongings are distributed according to our wishes in a timely manner and with minimum expense.  Estate planning is important but it is also essential that we plan for our lifetime.  Lifetime planning allows […]

Estate Planning Essentials for Millennials

If you were to suddenly become incapacitated, do you know who would make medical decisions for you and or manage your financial affairs?  Do you think that person’s decisions would be in accordance with your wishes?  Would he or she pay your bills and take care of your financial affairs?  If you are unsure about […]

Estate Planning and Divorce: 3 Things to Consider

Divorce is a challenging time that can be made even more difficult when it comes to estate planning for long-married couples.  In divorce, it is often hard to divide retirement accounts and assets amicably and if you now have children or grandchildren, your existing estate plan might need to be updated or entirely revised. If […]

Preparing for the Death of Your Spouse

It certainly won’t be easy to cope with the loss of your spouse but by planning ahead and having a strong support system in place, you will be more prepared to face the future.

Estate Planning for Singles

If you are divorced, have outlived your spouse, or have never been married, creating an estate plan is essential in order to help ensure that your wishes are carried out after you pass on.

Estate Planning: Avoiding a Family Feud

Are you concerned that the distribution of your estate will cause disagreements between your children after you pass away?

Common Estate Planning Excuses

Here are a few reasons why you may have neglected or avoided building your estate plan as well as some helpful tips to keep you from delaying estate planning any further.

Estate Planning for Same-Sex Couples

Thanks to the progression of the Pennsylvania and U.S. legal systems, the benefits that were once only available for heterosexual couples can now be taken advantage of by people in same-sex marriages.

Estate Planning for Newlyweds

Newlyweds should take time and address the issues of estate planning because all of us, young and old, married and single, need to protect ourselves and those we love.

The Disadvantages of Will Kits

If you are considering using a will kit, you are taking a big risk: your intentions and wishes regarding the disbursement and management of your estate quite possibly will not come to pass as you intended after your death.