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Choosing a Guardian for Your Minor Children

It is a difficult process to plan for the worst case scenario but by carefully making these decisions today, you can benefit and protect your children’s future.

Estate Planning Checklist

10 Steps for Creating an Effective Estate Plan: Here is a convenient checklist to help you plan for the future.

Tips For Selecting An Executor

Selecting the executor of your estate is a very important part of estate planning. Your executor is the person who will manage your estate’s affairs, represent your estate and distribute your assets. Selecting the right person for this job will ensure that your heirs receive their inheritances in a timely and accurate manner. Choosing the wrong person as your executor could potentially result in extensive delays and even legal battles.

Beneficiary Designations: An Important Part of Your Estate Plan

Updating your beneficiary designations is just as important as creating an estate plan. Too often we find that beneficiary designations are either out of date or missing completely which can cause disastrous problems.

Six Estate Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Contrary to popular belief, estate planning is not just for the wealthy elite. Most of us have something of value like a car, a home or money in the bank and would benefit from having an estate plan put in place. Not only can an estate plan help to maximize the value of what you will pass on to your heirs and beneficiaries, but it also allows you to make informed decisions about what happens to your assets while you are still alive.

Including Pets in Estate Planning

Even though your pet’s lifespan is likely shorter than yours, Fido may still outlive you and you will want to ensure that everything possible has been put in place to take care of him after you pass away.

Eliminate the Guesswork: Make Your Final Wishes Known

Don’t underestimate the importance of your funeral arrangement details or the negative consequences that may arise if you don’t make your wishes clear.

Estate Planning Tips for Blended Families

Creating a blended family with your second marriage can be an exciting fresh start for both you and your new spouse as parents as well as for your children. This can be a very fulfilling time in your life but it can present special challenges, especially when it comes to planning your estate.

Estate Planning for New Parents

As a new parent, tackling your estate planning sooner rather than later will undeniably provide you with a huge sense of relief. Enlisting the help of a trusted and experienced estate planning attorney will make the process easier and faster, giving you more time to enjoy being a parent and to spend time with the new addition to your family.

Long Term Care Planning: Why It’s Important to Start Early

Creating your long term care plan early protects your family and your assets. Avoid having to deal with these difficulties in a time of crisis: plan today so you are ready for what tomorrow brings.