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Estate Planning for New Parents

For many families, estate planning is one of the most overdue items on the to-do list.  This is not surprising; none of us like to think about the types of situations that would require the use of estate planning documents.  However, if you have recently welcomed a new baby into your family and haven’t yet […]

Choosing a Guardian for Your Minor Children

It is a difficult process to plan for the worst case scenario but by carefully making these decisions today, you can benefit and protect your children’s future.

Obtaining a Guardianship

Shortly after Elizabeth and her husband Glenn celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary, she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Glenn described the changes he saw in Elizabeth before her diagnosis, “I’d noticed changes three or four years before she was diagnosed, but it’s hard to pin down when exactly it started because it began so subtly… it was just the little things here and there at first.”

What is an Elder Law Attorney

With the increase in life expectancy and breakthrough advances in technology and medicine, people are confronting difficult legal and financial challenges in securing long-term care, protecting their assets, and making life altering healthcare decisions. All too often, these legal obstacles leave people feeling overwhelmed and helpless. As the regulations surrounding the growing population continue to […]

Preparing You and Your Loved Ones for Future Emergencies

Your parents and other loved ones dedicated their lives to providing the care you needed to become a responsible adult. However, as they age, medical and mental infirmities can reverse your roles as they begin to count on you for help. Their needs may increase over time, or a sudden accidental injury or medical emergency […]