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The Difference Between Medicare and Medicaid

Are you confused about the differences between Medicaid and Medicare and how they can affect estate planning?  If so, you are not alone.  The differences between each of these benefit programs can be confusing and complex.  Read on to learn more about each program and how they can affect your long term care plan. Signed […]

Estate Planning Objectives

There are a number of misconceptions about Estate Planning that can cause people to plan poorly or not at all.  One of the most common myths about Estate Planning is that it is only for the elderly and wealthy.  The truth is, that anyone over the age of eighteen should have a basic Estate Plan […]

Preparing for the Cost of Long-Term Care

As you plan for your senior years, you will need to devise a budget and allocate funds appropriately for your elder care.  If you are planning to rely on Medicare to cover most of your health care expenses, there are some things you should know.  Read on to learn more about elder care financial planning. […]

Long-Term Care Insurance

Prior posts have included a discussion about the proactive approach of addressing elder law issues. In particular, the legal documents that are necessary to appropriately plan for the future have been highlighted. Today, the last document of the four, the long-term care insurance (LTCI) policy will be introduced. With nursing home care costs soaring, it […]

What is an Elder Law Attorney

With the increase in life expectancy and breakthrough advances in technology and medicine, people are confronting difficult legal and financial challenges in securing long-term care, protecting their assets, and making life altering healthcare decisions. All too often, these legal obstacles leave people feeling overwhelmed and helpless. As the regulations surrounding the growing population continue to […]

Preparing You and Your Loved Ones for Future Emergencies

Your parents and other loved ones dedicated their lives to providing the care you needed to become a responsible adult. However, as they age, medical and mental infirmities can reverse your roles as they begin to count on you for help. Their needs may increase over time, or a sudden accidental injury or medical emergency […]