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Estate Planning for Couples Without Children

As the U.S. population becomes more educated and career focused, we are seeing many couples who are opting to forego parenthood so they can focus on their careers or other interests.  It’s important to consider, however, that choosing not to have kids, should not mean that estate planning can be ignored. Many people assume that […]

What is an Advanced Directive for Healthcare?

Not only does your advanced directive for healthcare allow you to stay in control of your medical treatment, it also makes things easier for your loved ones and family who will not have to guess what your wishes would have been.

Estate Planning for Small Business Owners

Creating a plan for the transfer of your business to your heirs is just as important as writing your Will. Communicate with your estate planning attorney, make the required decisions and put a plan into action.

Estate Planning: Avoiding a Family Feud

Are you concerned that the distribution of your estate will cause disagreements between your children after you pass away?

Estate Planning Checklist

10 Steps for Creating an Effective Estate Plan: Here is a convenient checklist to help you plan for the future.

Create Your Living Will Before A Medical Crisis

A living will, also known as an advanced healthcare directive, is a legal document used to make your wishes known about prolonging medical treatment.  Not to be confused with a living trust, which is used for holding and distributing an individual’s assets, a living will informs health care providers and your family about your wishes […]

Beneficiary Designations: An Important Part of Your Estate Plan

Updating your beneficiary designations is just as important as creating an estate plan. Too often we find that beneficiary designations are either out of date or missing completely which can cause disastrous problems.