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Funding Your Revocable Trust

Revocable trusts, also known as “living trusts”, can offer notable benefits including probate avoidance and asset management if you become incapacitated.  However, these benefits will not be available if you do not fund your trust.  Read on to learn more about revocable trusts and why funding your trust is a critical part of the estate […]

Special Needs Trusts: Trustee Responsibilities

A special needs trust is often established so that the beneficiary can have access to funds that are left to him or her during their lifetime or that are left to him or her from an estate.  It also serves to preserve the beneficiary’s means-tested government benefits.  It’s important to understand that a beneficiary’s special […]

The Role of an Executor

If you have been appointed as the executor (female — executrix) of someone’s will and you choose to accept the appointment, you act as their personal representative in carrying out the instructions set out in the will. You have a fiduciary duty to act honestly and in good faith when administering the estate. Following are […]

Special Needs Trusts: Protect Your Disabled Loved Ones

A special needs trust (sometimes called a supplemental needs trust) benefits adult children with disabilities or special needs.  When properly arranged and administrated, a special needs trusts allows an adult child with disabilities to be the beneficiary of a trust without impacting his or her eligibility for government programs like Medicaid and Social Security Income.  […]

Do You Need A Will?

Do you want the ability to control and preserve your assets for the benefit of your loved ones?

The Importance of Estate Planning

Several posts ago, the two approaches to elder law were introduced: the proactive and the reactive approach. As I mentioned, the proactive is less costly and more time efficient, and avoids potential legal difficulties in the future. This approach includes the preparation of several important legal documents. Recently, I have spent time explaining powers of […]

The Different Approaches to Elder Law Issues: Proactive v. Reactive

As discussed in an earlier post, more and more families are facing difficult legal and financial issues affecting their aging family members. Fortunately, elder law attorneys have focused their legal practice to specifically serve seniors and their families facing these challenges. Typically, there are two ways to approach the legal hurdles of seniors today. The […]

Helping Protect Your Financial Future

You do not need to amass vast wealth before you start to protect the money and property you’ve worked so hard to accrue. You want to ensure you and your heirs have a comprehensive estate plan in place to guard your assets from undue taxation and probate issues — and address your health care needs […]