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The Role of an Executor

If you have been appointed as the executor (female — executrix) of someone’s will and you choose to accept the appointment, you act as their personal representative in carrying out the instructions set out in the will. You have a fiduciary duty to act honestly and in good faith when administering the estate. Following are […]

The Meaning of Common Will Terms — Per Stirpes and Per Capita

Last year, Fox News reported that actor Alan Alda is urging scientists to stop using jargon and use simple language instead. But the use of seemingly arcane language often has a purpose. Certain words have specific well-defined meanings and their use can help reduce the risk of confusion and misunderstanding. Two such examples are the […]

Estate Planning for New Parents

As a new parent, tackling your estate planning sooner rather than later will undeniably provide you with a huge sense of relief. Enlisting the help of a trusted and experienced estate planning attorney will make the process easier and faster, giving you more time to enjoy being a parent and to spend time with the new addition to your family.

Estate Planning Essentials

No matter what your age or life stage, putting a comprehensive estate plan in place is the best way to maximize your hard-earned savings and protect the future of your loved ones.

Q&A: Probate in Pennsylvania

The term ‘probate’ tends to cause a lot of confusion. The term frequently gets misinterpreted or misconstrued in casual conversation which can make knowing how to approach this aspect of estate planning difficult or even scary.

In order to clear up some of the confusion surrounding probate and probate law, here are some straightforward answers to some of your most common probate questions.

Do You Need A Will?

Do you want the ability to control and preserve your assets for the benefit of your loved ones?

The Importance of Estate Planning

Several posts ago, the two approaches to elder law were introduced: the proactive and the reactive approach. As I mentioned, the proactive is less costly and more time efficient, and avoids potential legal difficulties in the future. This approach includes the preparation of several important legal documents. Recently, I have spent time explaining powers of […]

The Different Approaches to Elder Law Issues: Proactive v. Reactive

As discussed in an earlier post, more and more families are facing difficult legal and financial issues affecting their aging family members. Fortunately, elder law attorneys have focused their legal practice to specifically serve seniors and their families facing these challenges. Typically, there are two ways to approach the legal hurdles of seniors today. The […]

Helping Protect Your Financial Future

You do not need to amass vast wealth before you start to protect the money and property you’ve worked so hard to accrue. You want to ensure you and your heirs have a comprehensive estate plan in place to guard your assets from undue taxation and probate issues — and address your health care needs […]