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What is an Elder Law Attorney

With the increase in life expectancy and breakthrough advances in technology and medicine, people are confronting difficult legal and financial challenges in securing long-term care, protecting their assets, and making life altering healthcare decisions. All too often, these legal obstacles leave people feeling overwhelmed and helpless. As the regulations surrounding the growing population continue to change and grow in complexity, it is impossible to navigate through these issues without a professional. This is where the assistance of an elder law attorney comes into play. But what is an elder law attorney?

 An elder law attorney is an attorney whose legal practice focuses mainly on the issues that affect the aging population. Most commonly, elder law attorneys help clients with issues surrounding asset protection and management, elder crisis management, estate planning and administration, guardianships, long-term care planning and insurance, Medicaid eligibility and planning, nursing home issues, power of attorney, and veterans (VA) benefits. An elder law attorney can help families prepare for the impact aging may have on their family, allow  them to regain their sense of security and well-being.

 The importance of finding a knowledgeable elder law attorney cannot b e overstated. While there are different approaches to solving elder law issues, the ultimate objective is always the same: Protecting and preserving assets, and safeguarding the physical, emotional, and mental health and welfare of the client. By working with a knowledgeable elder law attorney, you can be certain to overcome any legal obstacles that may burden you and your loved ones.

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