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Elder Law Attorneys Pittsburgh, PA

Using a broad spectrum of legal instruments, our law firm tailors long-term planning to meet the unique needs of each client

Elder law is a relatively new area of law developed during the past 30 to 40 years as lifespans grew longer. In 1940, a male’s life expectancy was approximately 60 and one-half years. Today, the average male life expectancy is 76 years. The past few decades have also brought advances in medicine that present more choices about the types and extent of medical treatment we want, and the need to appoint others to make those choices for us if we are incapacitated. The skilled lawyers of Fingeret Law know how to protect the elderly.

As elder law attorneys in Pittsburgh, at Fingeret Law, we understand that clients need informed counsel to cope with situations they did not anticipate. For example, a relative suffering with a traumatic brain injury due to a car accident may require appointment of a legal guardian. Or perhaps an elderly parent is being abused by a nursing home staff member. Our Medicaid attorney and asset protection attorney are experienced elder law attorneys who know Pennsylvania and federal law and how to apply legal tools to help solve such problems.

But our elder law firm does more than just react to problems. We are proactive lawyers who help you plan for your future, to preserve both your health and your wealth. We assist clients with long-term care planning and insurance benefits.

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Our elder law attorneys in Pittsburgh can help you and your family with:


Helping to protect your elderly loved ones

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