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Pittsburgh Elder Crisis Management Attorney

Preparing for an elder crisis

You may someday face a difficult and very common situation — your parents have a crisis and you must help them. Sometimes the crisis is obvious. Perhaps your mom fell down and needs to be hospitalized, or your dad had another car accident just a month after his last one. Or maybe you’ve noticed subtle changes over time in your parents’ ability to care for themselves. Is the mail piling up? Are they wearing dirty clothes? Is the house or apartment no longer clean? Is the refrigerator virtually empty except for spoiled food? Your parents were always there to help you, but now they need your help. As knowledgeable and compassionate attorneys, we at Fingeret Law can guide you in these situations.

Our caring elder law attorneys help you through the crisis with long-term solutions

Whether the crisis arose suddenly or slowly over time, the Pittsburgh elder crisis management attorneys at Fingeret Law know how to help you assist your elderly loved ones. We use a variety of legal tools and explore eligibility for benefits, including but not limited to:

  • Social Security benefits
  • Medicaid Medical Assistance
  • Veterans benefits
  • Insurance claims
  • Nursing home selection assistance

The high cost of long-term healthcare along with changing laws and eligibility requirements make caring for your parents today a more challenging problem than ever before. You need skilled attorneys with legal knowledge that goes beyond simple estate planning. And you need aggressive representation to help ensure your loved ones receive high-quality care, whether at home or in a skilled nursing facility. The earlier you come to Fingeret Law, the more we can accomplish with planning tools to protect your loved ones — and their assets.

We can help you prepare for a crisis

To find out how we can help you with elder crisis management in Pittsburgh, PA, please call us at Fingeret Law at 412-486-6624 or contact us online. We have served the Greater Pittsburgh community for more than 40 years in the practice areas of elder law, medical assistance planning, estate planning, trusts, special needs trusts and living wills. We travel to clients.