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Nursing Home Abuse Attorney in Pittsburgh

Don’t let your loved one be victimized

If you have a loved one living in a nursing home, you expect him or her to be well cared for and treated with respect and dignity. Unfortunately, our office handles case after case of abuse and neglect by nursing home staff members. If your loved one is suffering, you need to consult a Fingeret Law attorney for nursing home abuse in Pittsburgh.

Nursing home abuse takes many forms

It was probably difficult to decide that your parent or other family member required nursing home care. You evaluated several nursing homes to ensure that your loved one would be placed in the very best facility, but now you realize that someone you care about is suffering due to:

  • Verbal abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Physical abuse
  • Mental abuse
  • Corporal punishment
  • Unnecessary restraints

Abuse and neglect: opposite sides of the same coin

Nursing home negligence can be just as bad as abuse. When you visit, make sure that the resident is:

  • Clean and dressed appropriately
  • Getting the medical attention that he or she needs
  • Receiving the proper dosages of medications
  • Well fed
  • Not dehydrated
  • Not abused by other residents

Also confirm that:

  • The resident has easy and safe access to a clean bathroom
  • He or she shows no signs of mood or behavioral changes
  • All money and personal property is accounted for

Report any signs of neglect to the nursing home administration immediately. And remember to contact Fingeret Law at the first sign of abuse or neglect.

Nursing home residents’ bill of rights

The Federal Nursing Home Reform Act of 1987 created the following bill of rights for nursing home residents:

  • The right to freedom from abuse, mistreatment and neglect
  • The right to freedom from physical restraints
  • The right to privacy
  • The right to accommodation of medical, physical, psychological and social needs
  • The right to participate in resident and family groups
  • The right to be treated with dignity
  • The right to exercise self-determination
  • The right to communicate freely
  • The right to participate in the review of one’s care plan and to be fully informed in advance about any changes in care, treatment or change of status in the facility
  • The right to voice grievances without discrimination or reprisal

How we can help

If your loved one is suffering from nursing home abuse or neglect, we want to help. Our attorneys are skilled negotiators who can bring your claims to the nursing home administrators, state or federal agencies and prosecutors if the abuse is criminal. If we are unable to resolve the case through negotiation, we refer your case to an experienced trial attorney for litigation to get your loved one the compensation he or she deserves.

Protecting the safety of nursing home residents

To find out how a nursing home abuse attorney in Pittsburgh can help your loved one, please call Fingeret Law at 412-486-6624 or contact us online. Fingeret Law has served the Greater Pittsburgh community for more than 40 years in the practice areas of elder law, estate planning, medical assistance planning, estate planning, trusts, special needs trusts and living wills. We travel to clients.