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Western Pennsylvania Litigators Take on Negligent Nursing Homes

Attorneys in Allison Park and Coraopolis seek damages for elderly victims

Elderly Americans and their loved ones rely on nursing homes and similar facilities to provide attentive, professional care. When these institutions or their workers fail to meet acceptable standards, the harm can be serious or even fatal. Worse still, victims in these situations often lack the ability or resources to get the help they need. Fingeret Law serves clients throughout the Pittsburgh area in cases where nursing home abuse or neglect causes injuries, illnesses and unnecessary pain. We have decades of combined legal experience serving victims and their families from offices in Allison Park and Coraopolis.

Pittsburgh-area firm handles cases involving senior abuse and neglect

Our firm’s extensive elder law experience helps us to identify incidents of nursing home neglect and malfeasance when facility employees deny culpability. Even if you only suspect that carelessness or misconduct led to the injury or illness, it’s important to obtain advice from a seasoned attorney regarding problems such as:

  • Falls — Many potential types of carelessness trigger nursing home falls, including missing or broken railings, unsafe floors or failure to provide personnel to support a resident while walking.
  • Bedsores — Failing to move a bed-ridden senior frequently can result in pressure injuries and ulcers, sometimes referred to as bedsores. We can look beyond what is written down in the records and can bring in experts to identify if proper steps were taken.
  • Malnutrition and dehydration — In many cases, nursing home patients might need encouragement or assistance to accept the food or water they need to be healthy. If a problem occurred or dietary guidelines weren’t followed, we will work to hold the liable parties to account.
  • Broken bones — Nurses, orderlies and other attendants must take special care to avoid a harmful impact when a patient needs to be lifted. Bone degradation that occurs over time puts elderly men and women in great danger even if the impact is not especially severe.
  • Problems caused by poor hygiene — An illness caused or worsened by poor cleaning or hygiene practices can be especially harmful to older men and women. We’ll trace whether a medical problem can be linked to negligent care.

Proving any type of negligence involving medical treatment or nursing home care can be difficult, but actions seeking relief for seniors in residential facilities present additional complications. Steps might need to be taken to gain the victim’s authorization to sue. Alternatively, work might need to be done related to a power of attorney document. Don’t hesitate in starting the legal process on behalf of a loved one who has been mistreated.

Proven lawyers work to maximize plaintiffs’ settlements and verdicts

As in other negligence lawsuits, compensation is available if nursing home defendants’ violation of their duty of care harmed the plaintiffs. Personal injury damages can include reimbursement for medical costs and compensation for the pain and suffering that the victim endured. If the harmful acts were intentional or particularly egregious, punitive damages might also be awarded. Typically, nursing homes are heavily insured and their carriers usually seek to resolve their claims in settlement discussions or through other trial alternatives, such as mediation. We are skilled negotiators who have a detailed understanding of claims in this area of law. Our knowledge of Pennsylvania verdicts and settlements will give you the information you need to make thoughtful decisions.

Contact a dedicated Pennsylvania lawyer regarding a nursing home abuse claim

Fingeret Law advocates for Pittsburgh-area victims of nursing home abuse and their families. To make an appointment for a consultation, please call 412-486-6624 or contact us online. Our offices are in Allison Park and Coraopolis. We also travel to meet clients at their home or nursing facility.